In-Car Alexa

Project Brief

To install an Amazon Echo Dot into my car

The Plan

The Amazon Echo Dot is perfect for this application due to the small form factor and it's 3.5mm jack output and micro USB power input.

Power will be delivered via a 1A in-car micro USB power adapter, and audio will be feed into the car's sound system via the AUX port.

Internet will be provided via a mobile wifi hot spot created with my phone.

The Making

To begin with I unpacked all the items and connected them up.

I then proceeded with initial set up of the Amazon Echo Dot to ensure that the project would indeed work.

Once it was confirmed that it would work, I then routed the cabled to where they would be required.

I then used some double sided tape to secure the Amazon Echo Dot into its final place and plugged in the cables.

Finally, I tested the whole system which worked as intended, also looks dam cool.

Project Images

Echo Dot in car cup holder​​​​​​​