My Accessory Upgrade

23rd July 2021


It's time for an accessory upgrade!

Out with my old Logitech headset, keyboard and mouse and in with new shiny Logitech kit!

After 4 or so years of using my old wired Logitech G series gear, I decided to upgrade to the wireless options.

  • For the headset that is the G935
  • For the keyboard that is the G915 TKL
  • For the mouse that is the G502

The keyboard and mouse feature "Lightspeed" wireless connections, I can only gather that this is some fancy marketing word for low latency wireless links from device to dongle.

The reason I went for the wireless gear is that I wanted to simplify and clean up my desk real estate. These options untie me from mostly fixed position on my desk.

First impressions on the keyboard are very good, I love the low profile typing experience and the keys feel really nice, I hardly had to adjust to it. The build quality was premium with metal front plate, good weight and hard plastic back plate.

The mouse, well to be honest it didn't feel any different to the wired version, the only thing was that the rubber side grips actually have grip again! 

Finally the headset, visual updates include a different leather like material used on the ear pads and head bar, ware wise, the first few days of use felt a little uncomfortable, it was really pressing in on my head, but after a bit of use this fades away.

Top down view of the keyboard and bits that came with itTop down view of the mouse and bits that came with itTop down view of the headset and bits that came with it

All products are full RGB and can be configured inside the Logitech G Hub software, for me I have set the brightness to 50%, this helps to save battery life but still looks really cool.

My only two negatives are:

  • I have to use 3 USB ports, would be nice if we could combine them into fewer dongles
  • Please Logitech this gear is expensive, so where is the USB-C connector, micro USB is way past its time at this level of spending!!